What’s new (v2019.09)

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  • The generic interface is now available for all propagations with NEPTUNE,
  • Additional options for propagation with NEPTUNE are available (perturbation forces, error tolerances etc.)
  • Added Orekit numerical propagator end points (beta) for orbit propagation and pass prediction
  • Added additional conjunction risk estimation methods Patera-2001 and Alfano-2005
  • Improved memory management.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed errors in conjunction risk estimation methods Foster-1992, Alfriend-1999 and Monte-Carlo. Should perform as expected now.

Known Issues:

  • /predict-passes/sgp4/requests and /predict-passes/neptune/requests are currently limited to 1-day predictions.
  • Since this is a beta version, an interrupt-free service can't guaranteed.


  • v2019.06 beta at `http://okapi.ddns.net:34568/` has been replaced by this version.
Last Updated On August 28, 2019